We proudly present a fine fine olive oil. Up until now reserved for the Peloponnese, where it has been produced like this ever since the Romans were around, this is the very first batch arriving on the British Isles. A sprinkle of EL does wonders to your cooking, its good for your insides, too.

Webshop coming soon, if you can’t wait, shoot over a mail to Alice on In the meantime, enjoy the incredible story of the Makryaleas of Mani Family Farmers’ Estates.

On a slope down to the Mediterranean Sea is where you‘ll find The Mani Family Farmers‘ Estates. It is located in the southeast Peleponnese region of Mani, a place with a proud tradition of agricultural craftmanship including wine and scrumptious goatscheeses beside the olive oil. This is the origin of EL The Elixir of Life.
The Mani Family Farmers Estates have been here for hundreds of years and are on the 6th generation of olive stewardship. Much less known than the Kalamata neighbouring sibling, the Koroneike olive is for the acquired taste with its spicy green colour and intensely fruity flavour. The Koroneike olive is internationally reknowned for extraordinary purity, quality and low acidity and thus ideal for high-end extra virgin olive oil.
The Koroneike olive is a indigenous to the Mani region, being a highly temperamental olive sort, it reacts positively to the warm, windy and dry climate of the Mani mountain slopes. Koroneike thrives under traditional manual handling, makes an excellently resilient organic growth and thus celebrates both cultural and natural heritage of the region.

If you like your olive oil, you‘ll find that its much like the science of wine and a good oil is defined by the olive variety, landscape and harvest year, as much as by the press and estate.
The olive harvest takes place in the late autumn, and The Mani Family Farmers Estate coldpress on the same day, captivating the freshness, an hint of sunshine and the full sensory experience of golden and spicy richness. Hereafter, no further refinement, mixing or thinning takes place. The tradition is to let the oil settle for two months and thus each individual harvest is released in February the following year.
The key indicator of quality for olive oil is the acidity measure, which is a compulsary a test on every batch directly at the press. The acidity grading of an estate‘s harvest is comprises all batches together, grading balanced for quantity relative to the whole. The rules for retail and branding are monitered by the International Olive Council and means for acidity grading:

under 0.8% Extra virgin olive oil
0.81 – 1.50% Virgin olive oil
1.51 – 2.00% Olive oil

We can proudly announce that EL is outperforming the international standards for extra virgin olive oil significantly and consistantly and has landed at a premium of:

0.2% EL harvest 2011-12
0.3% EL harvest 2012-13

Were you to periscope back in time to 3,500 BC in Mani, a conclave of small- and medium sized family farms would show, and they would be growing their olives in orchards up and down the mountain slopes. The harvest would be happening on a yearly base, with the yield coldpressed same day. Archeological finds show that the olive trees were not watered, but were heavily pruned and thus kept small in size. Pedal forward 5,500 years to find an the agricultural scape unmistakenly similar. This is the socio-agricultural heritage on which EL is built.
The Mani Family Farmers Estate, producers of EL, constitutes several orchards of the green Koroneike variety solely. The ripe olives are still harvested by hand and still brought to the co-operative coldpress on the same day. A curiosity of the area, the olive trees are still extensively pruned, which, as it turns out, does not only keep the trees small, but more importantly allows high aircirculation. This tradition is a huge quantity versus quality trade-off, in which the yield is more than halved in quantity but the high quality guaranteed.
Ancient wisdom married up perfectly with modern day leaves the Ministry of Agriculture in Greece awarding the Mani Family Farmers Estate‘s EL with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and acknowledged it as „Superior Quality Olive Oil“

EL on the streets with Pride!

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