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All over the world we’ve got small-scale makers creating unique and excellent produce. Typically, they are following on family tradition and exercising their craft as the Italians would say –con amore!
The artisans and makers are independent and authentic herds of the land they live on, organic or have very good holistic reasons not to be, active parts of their communities and individual businessmen who hold a pride in the quality of their produce.
They are also very busy, often isolated and somewhat struggling.

Parallel to that, our north-west societies are filled with switched on concerned consumers, tweeting global villagers and environmentally aware urban farmers trying to make sense of it all, connect and understand what impact their lifestyle has. These are tired of only being asked for their money, of only being able to choose from the palette of what big corps think the majority wants and of systems becoming so abstract that they’re impossible to comprehend.

What if these two groups could meet?
What if that simple back-story would be told transparently and you could make an informed decision?
What if you had a great idea for product innovation and wanted to share it?
What if we broke up the classic supplying-demanding paradigm and had interaction and engagement instead?
What if you would spend some time out of your daily life to learn how olives are harvested, why there are various ways of sundrying, how beans are dried, what coldpress means, whether organic is always better, how vinegars are cured, wines gared?

These are questions that we start out with and as we trail through rural Greece, Uganda, Yorkshire, Portugal, Venezuela and China, we share all of that with you and invite you to come along, interact with the producers, suggest new ranges, labour in the processing, buy the produce or all of the above

Pride & Produce is set out to understand the products in our cupboards and will facilitate the possibility to engage with product, producer and process at every single produce we select to feature on this page.

Let the play begin!

Lovely to meet you

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