We’re proud to introduce Philip Munyasia to our ranks. Philip is one of these amazing people, who when you meet them, you wonder what stuff they’re made of and whether you’ll ever be able to have a good ol’ moan yourself –ever!

A perky guy in his early 30’s, Philip is born and bread in Kitale, Kenya. He is son number eight in a family residing in what he himself classifies as a slum in the Mitume part of town. Here, he went about regular boyish mischiefs all of his early youth. This went on until Philip was spotted having an extraordinary sharp mind and entrepreneurial skills in school and he was subsequently supported through highschool, as the first one in his family –and only still!

Faith has played Philip a lucky hand and he has been dealt an array of opportunities. Sitting across from him as I did this summer, its easy to see why. He is an ambitious and passionate guy, a pragmatic and no bullshit type of person, who genuinely wants to make things work. That is the ordinary extraordinality of Philip. This is how this lovely boy of Mitune came to learn about Permaculture in California, was shared insights of holistic thinking in Portugal and taught biodiversity by Sepp Holzer himself.

But as the saying goes, you can take a guy out of Mitune, but you cannot take Mitune out of a guy, and sure enough, Philip was drawn back to where his adventure began.

Five years ago, Philip launched OTEPIC, The Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre. In spite of the complex title, OTEPIC is quite straight-forward and hands-on in working with the education and development of subsistence farmers in Mitune and the whole of the Trans-Nzoia region.

Pride & Produce is currently working with Philip on setting up a route for traditional Kenyan jewellery to come to Europe. As soon as we’ve identified who, what and when, you’ll find it here –watch this space!

Philip and the real food revolution

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