F**k it, I‘m going back to my village

Sitting with Periklis Mefikakos reminiscing about life, the universe and everything, he gives me the quick rundown of his life thus far. As he is talking through his beard, the sun is rapidly moving downwards in the sky and waves are rolling in at almost the same pace as Periklis utters the sentence „Fuck, I go back to my village“ which flows through his story as punctuation between adventures in Iraque, Canada and Bristol. Each if them ending with the interminable „F**k it, I‘m going back to my village“.

When I prompt him as to why his adventures seem to turn always take this ending, he merely observes „to save my life“. The first time this rational struck young Periklis‘ mind was at the tender age of 11, when the family had moved to Athens and he didn‘t care much for the new school. „„F**k it, I‘m going back to my village“, the boy thought. Though his mother didn‘t think much of the plan, thats what happened.

Stay tuned as we‘ll bring more on village life and adventures of Periklis over the coming months.

Heroes of the recession #01

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